Project Description
Viggle aims to provide OpenGL bindings to .NET and Mono desktop and mobile platforms. Its ultimate goal is to enable a single build to run on all of them.


To better understand how OpenGL bindings work, how does Interop and Marshalling work, and to look at getting the most out of .NET's performance.

There's three major goals for Viggle:
  • Minimal dependencies. Ultimately only mscorlib.dll and (maybe) System.dll.
  • Compile Once, Run Anywhere. ("Anywhere" means Windows, Mac and Linux desktops, at the moment)
  • Small and Simple. OpenGL is a universal library. Bindings that cover it all are just too huge.

You know it's been done, right?

Yes, I know there are other OpenGL bindings for .NET. There's no need to remind me of what inspired me to come up with an idea to make my own :)

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